K L  S H I
 Y E  C L E

Wood Lath, series, 2010
wood lath, furring strips, nails, staples, screws, foil-faced foam, felt paper, house wrap tape,
various sizes

As part of a project which began with the purchase of an old house and continues through its foreclosure and decay, this series of work is made from the house's remains reflecting it's material history and phases of ownership and construction. Grounded in building and labor, exploring issues of want and abandonment, and haunted by responsibility and mistakes, the resulting work is a collection of fragments and traces, both tangible and immaterial. I continue to work with the leftover, forgotten and unwanted.

Wood Lath #1

In the Kitchen (Wood Lath #1)

Wood Lath #2, Side A

Wood Lath #2, Side B

On the Roof (Wood Lath #2)

Wood Lath #3

Wood Lath #1 is made from wood lath butted together and connected by perpendicular pieces of lath and furring. Most of the lath comes from the house’s kitchen on the main floor. Some pieces show the coded marks which tell the original location of each piece within the house.
In the Kitchen (Wood Lath #1) is the shrouded version of Wood Lath #1. Over the field of wood lath is a shroud of foil-faced foam insulation which was once wrapped around the living quarters to keep heat in. The insulation hangs loosely from the top and can be pulled back to reveal the entirety of the wood lath behind.
Wood Lath #2 and Wood Lath #3 are simpler and cleaner studies into possible structure and arrangements of the lath itself. On the Roof (Wood Lath #2) has a shroud of roofing paper. Behind the refrigerator (Wood Lath #3) was not photographed. These works no longer exist.